Friday, November 20, 2009

Introducing ‘BURST DESIGNS’ plus ‘BLUE MOON MUSING’ / ‘ZERO POINT FIELD’ it’s Companion BLOG

To everyone who has ever played with me in the field of mystical synchronicity—I am delighted to share my new work with you.

As many of you already know... was launched about 14 years ago and showcases about 20 years of my work. Throughout the years this journey has taken on many manifestations. Consistent is that this work has always been concerned with the broad category of Existentialism. This, I've always stated simply as the study of being addressing humankind's search for meaning.

Today, my thoughts move away from the roller-coasters of Existential syntax, and arrive at sensations of transcendence, as learned and experienced in higher states of consciousness—through my on-going practice and study of yoga, meditation, healing arts, quantum physics, and extrasensory phenomena.

In celebration of this creative transition I am launching as well as this companion BLOG so that I can share some of my explorations, discoveries and valuable resources with you. BURSTDesigns is an online shop that offers museum quality, archival prints of my latest paintings and drawings. This BLOG is tied into the intellectual and creative aesthetics of BURSTS.

Right now it features two categories: BLUE MOON MUSINGS and ZERO POINT FIELD. BLUE MOON MUSINGS is dedicated to offering personal/collective expressive reflections that have inspired my work. ZERO POINT FIELD is an arena for discussing the creative interconnections between art, science, nature and healing. In the near future I also plan to offer a category on IGNITING CREATIVITY that will offer tips and tools on how to burst through your creative blocks and actually make some art.

Thank you for supporting this journey with your interest. I look forward to expanding these projects with the help of your valuable input and feedback.

Sending Big Love into our inspired Collective Unconscious, Michele