Monday, October 24, 2011

The Process of Didge Making

Go walking in the desert until you come across a strange looking stick growing out of a bushel of prickly, poky, pointy branches. This is an Agave Blossom. It's best when it has reached maturity and is drying out.

Next, you put on some gloves and start peeling away the prickles. The giant root lies at the base. With patience you will begin to see it emerge...

Say a little thank you to Mother Earth for allowing you to remove her stick.

Next, you split it in half and hollow it out with a chisel. Once it is nice and even you epoxy it back together and clamp it overnight. Coat the interior with resin as well. Next devote lots of time sanding the exterior. Paint a design and then give it many coats of lacquer. A beeswax mouthpiece makes it easier to play and softer on the lips.

Many More to Come! Please Check Back Soon