Thursday, December 3, 2009

There are many of us who believe we are on the cusp of a revolutionary discovery. It is something that reveals the miraculous nature of life’s interconnected relationships; something that exceeds Einstein’s theory of revolution, and Newtonian law. This new way of thinking and being is laying to rest outdated ideologies of soulless separateness, paradigms that are connected to “the ruthless competitive edge” and Darwin’s “survival of the fittest.” In a nutshell this revolution finds that all living things are ‘energy’. This energy functions in a ‘field of energy’. Scientists call this Zero Point Field. (Lynne McTaggard, “The Field”)

The Zero Point Field is said to be “a repository of all fields and all ground energy states and all virtual particles. It is a field of fields.” The existence of the Zero Point Field is the contemporary explanation for many metaphysical notions such as extra sensory perception, chi, mind/body relationships, remote healings and miracles. In another time one simply might call this phenomenon—G O D. (…dare I say it!) Today we look to science to prove what ancient philosophers, oracles, shamans, and Eastern wisdom have known all along.

Most of us who take time to reflect on the progression of our lives will notice that for a large part—we are our thoughts. Our lives perform around our intentions—calculated or not. But dare we think that we are the sole proprietor of our outcomes, we must also notice that our world is not all about what we intend it to be. It is also about exchanges, transience, and the unpredictable nature of things. It is about our relationship to everything we think and feel, plus everything we touch. It is about a Zero Point Field of interconnection. It is foremost about the collective us.

My ZERO POINT FIELD series (click to see) celebrates this revolution and hopes to inspire a visual doorway into this realm of interconnected possibilities. Through the exchange of intention and surrender may we become enlightened to the potential of unity, community, purpose and the spiritual radiance in all things.

Many Blessings —michele

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