Thursday, July 5, 2012


STILL POINT represents a state of homeostasis that is often referred to in the healing arts such as Yoga, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. In essence, it describes a condition of spaciousness and timelessness that pulses between mortality and immortality. I see it as a place of surrender and acceptance of the things that are greater than one’s self. It is an elusive state of peace and knowingness that rests in the pause between our inhale and our exhale. 

In this series, I return to the vessel form as humankind’s signifier. Each piece is created using the potter’s wheel 
so as to contain the essence of earth’s rotation, plus the energy of balance At the leather hard stage they are carved and shaped.  Terra sigillata is used for the monochromatic, burnished surface. After firing precious handmade objects are added selectively—sometimes carved from porcelain, polymer clay, or fabricated metal. 

Each piece hopes to connect to a still point, while offering a healing meditation on quiet Intelligent simplicity. —MO

Still Point #1 "Angels Fly"

Still Point #2

Still Point #3

Still Point #4: "I built this house for you."
Still Point #5
Still Point #6

Still Point #7

Still Point #8

Still Point #9

Still Point #10: "Kiss me on the eye."


  1. OMG. Beautiful work!
    Loren Bennitt

  2. This work is beautiful. Anyone who has ever tried to throw on a potter's whel would appreciate your masterful hands. I love the still peace these pieces emit. A great reminder to us all to find that place in our lives. The smooth surfaces becken to be touched but sooth the eye to a place of calm. Thank you for the reminder to pause.

  3. The Still Point series is so quietly beautiful. My Acupuncturist and I were talking this morning about the almost epidemic cultural "Hunger for pause." We all fill almost every moment of our days with producing and accomplishing. She believes there is a rampant sense of "time scarcity" that pervades urban life. This continuous manic activity often has negative consequences for the health of our bodies, hearts and minds. But you Mimi, have found a way to create pause in your life with yoga practice and thoughtful creation of art. I envy your talent and discipline.

    Thank you for sharing this art…as just gazing upon it for a moment causes me pause. I long to hold it in my hands and feel the smooth baked clay beneath my fingers and the soft, calming energy it must certainly emit.

  4. Love them! Especially the ones that lean just a bit :)

  5. They are AMAZING!!! I am totally mesmerized.—BB

  6. All of your creations so far have intrigued and truly amazed me. This series of Still Points translate for me into a feeling of fluidity and softness and vulnerability, delicate and yet strong. They inspire! Your philosophy behind these creations is acurate.They are bright and project elegance grace and peace. They fill our need for taking away the rush and harshness of daily living, filled with noise and endless duties....,a bit mysterious.. such as "Angels Fly" and "I built this house for you". Others such as # 7 and #8 project a sense of tranquility versus adventure. All the pieces inspire peace and softness.. I hear you say "it's all in the breathing.....inhale... exhale. So true.

  7. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Michele, you can't put a foot wrong. Your work is very inspirational and beautiful.

  8. I LOVE your newest--Still Point. What is completely freaking me out is I've been trying to learn more about those healing arts--especially Yoga, and Reiki. I have benefited from all 3--often achieving those moments of balance--while doing yoga, receiving massage therapy, and cranio sacral therapy. It's like you tapped into my subconscious and offered me further inspiration for my healing/creative path.

    I love that you use the wheel combined with hand building--the forms are beautiful. I would also like to see your paintings sometime.

    Thank you for sharing Still Point.

  9. I like your beautiful work.It´s completly delicate and sensible. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my work and for the kind feedback. ;-)